2022 ADAM Artist Lab 亞當計畫藝術家實驗室
IRL: The body, ecology and a new chapter

In 2022, ADAM will deepen our reflection on ‘IRL’ by looking at relations between (human and non-human) bodies and the ecology. Instead of a call for ‘making ecological art’, this year’s Artist Lab questions what it means to “be ecological” with conditions of acknowledging (our, your, their) ‘land’ and, at the same time, utilising ‘landing’ as a method for collective and collaborative research.
Anchi Lin (Ciwas Tahos) has been invited to design the Lab, guiding us where to land and aligning the artist body with ecological and discursive processes. Through the eyes, minds and bodies of invited artists from Taiwan and internationally, the Lab will rehearse how ‘performance’ is ecological and celebrates the grand-open season of Taipei Performing Art Center.

Curator: River Lin
Guest Curator: Anchi Lin (Ciwas Tahos)
Artists: lololol, Anastasia Melati, Shin Hanagata, Hung Wei-Ling, Kori Miles, Chen Chen, Daniel Ditlevson

Residency Documentation ︎︎︎

Performance Documentation:

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